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By | 19 July, 2015 | 0 comments

Dear Guests

The idea of publishing this blog is none other than to offer a memento of your stay at the Hotel Alcázar. We want you to know that we have been enthusiastically and patiently collecting, restoring and documenting significant and relevant works of art, which we believe should not to be forgotten but rather displayed for the enjoyment of all.

The history and heritage of Seville make it incumbent on companies operating in the city to remain up to par, with a suitable level of consideration. Beyond the usual tourism or folk- related activities, the Hotal Alcázar has modestly sought to offer its guests and interested local citizens an educational and cultural vision solidly grounded on historical items. We hope that over time, and with the generosity of our contributors, this collection can be extended and renewed, thereby making the hotel not just a place for rest and relaxation but also one with cultural appeal of its own. In short, and coinciding with its renovation and new management, we have endowed the Hotel Alcázar with an added cultural offering that well befits the city Seville.

The original alabaster sarcophagus of the Duke of Híjar, the coat of arms of the great seaman Carlos de Ibarra Barresi (who led and won one of Spain’s most important naval battles), the tapestry from the House of Bourbon or the one showing the shield of the city of Zaragoza which the French captured during the time of Agustina of Aragon, among others from different epochs, as well as profiles of ships, models, tables, fossils, porcelain items and paintings, etc, lend form and meaning to our new decor. Regarding the paintings, prints and posters, in both public spaces and guestrooms, we have chosen images from the expedition led by one of the world’s most famous naturalist botanists, José Celestino Mutis, and others by the great Seville painter Juan Romero.

We sincerely hope that the information contained in the following pages will help embellish the memories of your stay in Seville.

Warmest regards and best wishes for a safe journey. 

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